This Film from Ey! Megateen Will Have You Dancing in Your Undies

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: vimeo & eymagateen-news.tumblr
If you haven't yet heard of EY! Megateen, then you are missing out on a fashion resource that has the possibility to be the next big thing. The e-rag is targeted at youth culture and features deliberately distracting and crude web design, scantily clad nubile bodies and emerging fashion labels that are synonymous with underground culture.

In this featured video from the site, a model dances around in his skivvies and some Mickey Mouse accessories, similar to the way you do at home when no one is watching, while flashy geometric graphics, pulsing lights and sped-up photography emphasizes how this boy can cut a rug cooler than his observers.

The short film was shot by Luca Finotti and captures the spirit and identity of the e-zine perfectly, showing that EY! Megateen is not only the radest fashion publication on the web but also the future of fashion as expressed through younger generations.