- Sep 10, 2013
Embodying a raw and youthful aesthetic, these artfully inked editorials feature the most elaborate and intricate of tattoo art. The candid portraits endorse individuality and self expression for all thanks to their celebration of a non-traditional translation of beauty.

Thanks to their acceptance of alternative beauty and their defiance of tradition, these style editorials and ad campaigns find beauty in the unexpected. Showcasing versatility and the ink obsession du jour, these fierce fashion stories are aesthetically bold and undeniably forward-thinking.

With imagery that inspires all individuals to be themselves, these artfully inked editorials challenge that popular notion that suggests that models should not be tattooed. The portraits exude a dark, edgy and rebellious air and push style boundaries while blurring the lines between fashion and art.

These Fierce Photoshoots Endorse Self Expression and Individuality: