Bradley Soileau for Diesel's Only The Brave Tattoo Gallery

Inked model Bradley Soileau stars in the latest shoot for Diesel's 'Only The Brave' Tattoo Gallery. Known for his edgy look and stints in Lana Del Ray's 'Born to Die' and 'Blue Jeans' music videos, the lanky badboy is taking the style world by storm.

Photographed by Eas­ton Schirra and Chelsea Vance, the Red Citizen model showcases his intricate body art, including full sleeves and a fierce forehead tattoo. Attributing his art to his musical influences, the model and dj embraces his eccentricities.

Displaying the model's distinctively authentic look, rockstar personality and body art, the Bradley Soileau for Diesel's 'Only The Brave' Tattoo Gallery shoot is offbeat, taking risks and straying from the traditional and mundane.