'Tattoo Infographics' by Paul Marcinkowski is a Graphic Design Dream

 - Feb 16, 2012
References: kaplon.info & behance.net
Infographics and flowcharts have taken over the web in recent years, pairing clever graphic design with stats and facts to share info on a variety of subjects, from social media to Kim Kardashian's divorce -- but Paul Marcinkowski's 'Tattoo Infographics' takes the design technique to a new level.

The Warsaw-based graphic designer created the inked infographic as part of a school project while attending the Academy Of Fine Arts in Łódź. Rejecting the standard infographic format, Marcinkowski's project presents a variety of tattoo-related statistics as actual body art, filling a man's arms and torso with incredible ink facts. From a list of "Top 3 reasons for regret" to a scale that shows directly on the model's arm the popularity of certain tattoo placements, Marcinkowski's Tattoo Infographics offers clever and creative ways to share information on the subject.

For body art enthusiasts and graphic designers alike, Paul Marcinkowski's Tattoo Infographics project is a must-see and shows that infographics are here to stay.