Henny Boogert Captures Exploration with Extreme Travel Photography

 - Jan 29, 2013
References: imagesconnect.org & 123inspiration
Henny Boogert has shared wonderful travels with his extreme travel photography.

The qualities of the shots mixed with the different life events they display are not typical of the average backpacker; a significant amount of travelers focus on visiting touristy sites and the party-fueled nightlife. These images include daring adventures and experiences that many people never live. They are inspiring in that they create a desire to get out and try new things.

Among the extreme travel photography included are polar bear dipping, mountain biking and snow sailing. It also apparently includes extreme bench sleeping. Either way, the essence of each event is captured with sheer beauty and gives a sense of what the various cultures and pieces of land has to offer. The images may have you wanting to indefinitely leave the house with your camera.