These Evil Bald Guy Ads Draw Attention to Exposed Scalps

 - Jul 12, 2011
References: evilbaldguy & adsoftheworld
Anyone with a full head of hair is bound to take advantage of the protective effect his coif has on his vulnerable skin, but those who've been gradually losing their hair for years will not be surprised by the suggestion made by these Evil Bald Guy ads.

With the help of the Singer Roberts advertising agency of Seattle, this quirky company is advertising a its scalp sunscreen product, designed specifically to shield the thin layer of skin atop one's head. The team has approached the topic in a lighthearted way, which takes away from the potential embarrassment associated with male pattern baldness.

Three different hair grooming implements have each been given its own print. A fine-toothed comb, a lift comb and a hairbrush are represented with missing teeth so that the Evil Bald Guy ads represent three varieties of thinned-out tresses that may need assistance in preventing scalp sunburns.