The 'Every Blog That Exists' Infographic is Hilariously Accurate

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: americaninfographics & buzzfeed
While American Infographics use 'official-ish' statistics, it is hard not to agree or laugh upon viewing this hilarious 'Every Blog That Exists' infographic from its site. 'Every Blog That Exists' is broken down into five comedic categories, including "blogs written by sad 13-year-old-girls and read by sad 40-year-old men," "blogs about bands that were cool until every asshole started blogging about them," "blogs about promoting blogs," "blogs about how A-Rod sucks, by guys currently eating a Monte Cristo sandwich" and "blogs where people humiliate cats."

'Every Blog That Exists' has allotted more than three quarters of the infographic as representing the number of blogs featuring poor, helpless cats. As an avid feline lover, I found this quite upsetting but also quite true.

Implications - A simple and effective way for a business to garner the attention of potential clients is through comedic marketing. Humor will be perceived by consumers as approachable and familiar, two qualities to which a wide range of clientele will appeal to.