Made in a Free World's FRDM Helps Establish an Ethical Supply Chain

 - Feb 16, 2015
References: madeinafreeworld & springwise
In an effort to help businesses establish an ethical supply chain, this digital software helps brands reduce their slavery footprint. Similar to how reducing your carbon footprint addresses climate change, reducing your slavery footprint helps address child labor.

The FRDM (Forced layout Risk Determination and Mitigation) software enables enterprises to research where their products come from and ensure forced servitude has no place in the process. FRDM was developed by San Francisco-based Made in a Free World for business-to-business models. The tool helps companies identify problematic areas so they can institute an ethical supply chain. By helping firms identify the codes of their direct and indirect suppliers after they input product details, FRDM gives them extra information about risk assessment in a private dashboard. This allows users to deep dive into sticky situations.