'Escape Reality' Features Seven Different Escape Room Experiences

While it may seem like escape rooms are a dime a dozen, Escape Reality Las Vegas is looking to set itself apart by offering seven pop culture-themed experiences for adventure-seeking guests. Ideal for corporate groups and other team-building events, the company combines the best of pop culture with the challenges of a traditional escape room.

Escape Reality Las Vegas is an escape room experience that boasts seven different adventures. Each experience is rated by genre and difficulty level, so teams can choose an option that best suits their needs. Once inside, players must complete a series of challenges that involve logical thinking, problem solving, communications and teamwork skills. To draw participants in, all of the challenges are based on different movie themes, including District Zero, Iron Kingdom and Jungala.

For businesses looking for a more fun take on team-building, Escape Reality Las Vegas' themed challenges are a perfect option.