Erica Weiner’s Creations Give New Life to Old Accessories

 - Jun 26, 2013
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Accessories are an important part of any wardrobe as they instantly add more texture and shine to looks that may otherwise be lacking, and the Erica Weiner jewelry is made using antique pieces to create something new and current while maintaining a vintage feel.

Erica Weiner jewelry is more like a creation of art. Each piece is handmade, which allows her to do more work using a variety of rare and delicate materials. Fragile, soft stones like opal are a widely used material noticeable throughout her creations.

These stunning Erica Weiner jewelry pieces are stunningly simple yet remarkably detailed. From realistic bronze feathers wrapped into cuffs to found porcupine quills hanging as earrings, there is no shortage of obscure materials to be found in these pieces.