These Eric White Paintings Invoke Hardboiled Narratives of Yesteryears

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: ewhite & urhajos.tumblr
Above all other genres of storytelling, I gravitate most towards the hardboiled noir novels of James M. Cain and his contemporaries, and these Eric White paintings perfectly exemplify the images floating around in my head when I'm reading one of those dark twisted tales.

Eric White is a pseudo-realist artist whose ability to capture cinematic moments using oil paints is equally as impressive as his technical capabilities. His fascination with past decades brings a nostalgic and alluring quality to his creations, and much like a memory, details are often skewed or exaggerated in such a way that they highlight important aspects of a point in time.

Not being threatened by experimentation, Eric White also incorporates many surrealist elements into his illustrations. Of noteworthy mention are his pieces which seemingly overlap unto itself, creating a dreamlike effect.