EON Reality’s Immersive iCube 3D Room Lets You Share Your Vision

 - May 9, 2009   Updated: Jul 19 2011
References: eonreality & theworldsbestever
EON Reality's immersive iCube 3D room offers a whole new kind of virtual reality experience; it's like physically being inside a computer game.

Unlike other 3D Immersion software that require virtual reality goggles and visors to see the virutal world, EON Reality's immersive iCube 3D room lets those around the person wearing goggles to see all the same things the goggle wearer sees, so it becomes a shared, interactive experience.

Implications - This interactive innovation is perfect for gaming geeks who already feel that video game playing transports them into another dimension. The iCube 3D room takes the gaming experience to new heights and bring the gaming community closer and closer through this one of a kind shared experience that is exclusive to those whose interests are peaked by alternate realities.