Doodle Flix Transforms Netflix Envelopes into Quirky Cartoons

 - Jul 3, 2013
References: doodleflix.tumblr & lostateminor
A new Tumblr blog has caused quite a stir over the Internet with its niche focus on transforming iconic red Netflix packages into cartoonish envelope art. This blog, called 'Doodle Flix,' takes different Netflix envelopes and, using the bold, white Netflix logo, creates strange and often grotesque portraits of everything from pop culture characters to imaginative scenarios.

Some of the funniest works from Doodle Flix feature famous personages from throughout history. One work shows a caricature of Elvis Presley with a speech bubble emerging from his smirking mouth, with the Netflix logo inside. Another work shows Bender, the robot from Futurama, glaring out at the viewer with comically menacing eyes.

With these pieces of art, Doodle Flix demonstrates the extent to which Netflix has effected the television and film industries. Indeed, the company has become so iconic and quintessential to the film viewing process, that its cherry-red envelopes have even inspired humorous works of art.