Enkel Dika's Work Merges Abstract Art & Hollywood References

 - Aug 17, 2011
References: flickr & whitezine
For those with an appreciation of historical art and modern pop culture references, these illustrations by Enkel Dika are quite amusing. With famous muses like the Queen Elizabeth, Conan O'Brien and even Charlie Sheen, you can bet these pop culture portraits pack a humorous punch.

While little is known about the 26-year old artist, Enkel Dika's illustrations are getting a ton of viral attention. Dika's use of famous faces and witty plays on art prove to produce a highly eye-catching result.

Implications - The incorporation of celebrities within branding and endorsements is undeniably effective, yet far too costly for many small businesses and artists. As opposed to focusing heavily on such endorsements, companies should focus upon drawing references to mass movements in popular culture, just as Enkel Dika does with his incorporation of Charlie Sheen and "winning" within one of his illustrations.