Enkaja by Tatabi Studio is Inspired by Grade School Stackable Markers

 - Oct 25, 2012
References: tatabi.es & fastcodesign
Mixing cocktails is an art form that many dare not tackle in case of inadvertently making stomach-churning creations instead of delicious drinks; nevertheless, Enkaja by Tatabi Studio might give some people the courage to embrace their inner bartender. Inspired by the stackable markers once the envy of all grade schoolers in classrooms, it is a modular canister that effectively separates different components of a drink for a foolproof mixing endeavor.

Enkaja by Tatabi Studio, a firm based in Dublin, is made up of three sections, one for bases, another for spirits and the last for touches. The first holds Coke, cranberry juice and other typical mixers, the second is for alcohol while the latter holds everything from Cointreau and bitters to chocolate and lime.