Nike Commissions Craig Ward for Custom Type for England's World Cup Kit

 - Mar 7, 2018
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Typography and graphic designer Craig Ward creates a custom typeface for this year's England World Cup kit. The numeric and alphabetical characters are directly derived from the clarity and geometry within classic English typefaces such as Flaxman, Johnston, Gill and the like. Nike requested the custom typeface for the England World Cup kit to be condescend, as it would be featured on advertisements, apparel, etc. Craig Ward noticed that in doing so, the characters lost their grit and their implied geometry. To counter that, the graphic designer employed a more creative approach— the England World Cup kit's custom typography "features inline, outline and fill weights," as well as in some instances "quotes aspects of other fonts" for familiarity purposes.

The typeface was modeled in 3D and while it primarily features alphabetic and numeric values, it also incorporates the St. George's cross.