Explore Crowd-Generated Research in Today's Motor Sector

 - Mar 10, 2012
References: trendreports
The auto industry has recovered nicely since going into turmoil a few years back. One of the ways it rebounded was by adjusting its design and performance aspects in modern vehicles, especially when it comes to engines. Trend Hunter's Engine Trend Report features cutting-edge innovations made in the auto sector, from eco-friendly engines to supercharged gas guzzlers.

Financially speaking, times are still tough for a lot of people, as the struggle continues to make ends meet. On top of that, gas prices continue to climb, putting even more pressure on the wallets of the working class. But thanks to innovative breakthroughs in engine design and construction, consumers remain willing to purchase vehicles. In our report, users will be exposed to 250 examples of engine research and 27 PRO Trends, including Branded Racing, Borrowed Luxury and Zero Carbon, giving you a clearer picture of the key patterns and driving forces attracting today's frugal car buyers.