The 'EnLight' Kinetic Energy Light Harnesses Power from Movement

 - Mar 16, 2017
References: yankodesign
Those who live in rural areas without access to electricity could make use of the 'EnLight' kinetic energy light as a means of keeping their own illumination source to use whenever they need it.

The 'EnLight' works by incorporating a kinetic energy design that draws power from the movement that's created throughout the day when the person is active. This translates to power that can be used in the night to illuminate a study area without having to have it connected to an electricity source.

The 'EnLight' kinetic energy light is the design work of Emre Kayganaci and holds significant merit for those who live in areas that aren't as developed. Especially great for school children, the 'EnLight' could be carried with them throughout the day and offer a light source for them to study by when the sun goes down.