Breakfast of the Future is Full of Intelligent Cereal Boxes

 - Jan 14, 2011   Updated: Mar 21 2011
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These intelligent cereal boxes by Fulton Innovation add a little appeal to any kid's (or adult's) morning routine. A light-show bearing, digital and interactive way to get kids to sit down with their bowl of breakfast is just what parents need.

Fulton Innovation's Intelligent cereal boxes can communicate with nearby computers to determine an expiration date. This product has the best of both worlds since it is entertaining and functional!

Implications - If you project your product to be something that's run-of-the-mill, that's all customers will ever think of it as. In this case, General Mills is tricking out their Trix cereal box to make their product pop while on crowded grocery store aisles and gain some brand loyalty. Cereal is a weekly purchase for many households and there are thousands of options to choose from, so this tactic may differentiate Trix from the masses!