Empyreal 75 Packaging Exudes Canine Luxury

 - Oct 25, 2011
References: empyreal75 & lovelypackage
The wine industry is going to the dogs, or that’s what this limited edition packaging of Empyreal 75 would lead one to believe. Empyreal 75 manufactures luxurious edibles for your four-legged friend, and to provide your pup with the level of indulgence they deserve, the company recently released this special edition of its pet food protein supplement in a collared wine bottle.

Designed by Bailey Lauerman, the classic wine bottle is adorned with a simple red collar, which conjures the perfect image of the public persona Empyreal 75 is trying to promote. The company released two labels for this limited run: ‘Foxhound Red’ for dogs and ‘Alley Cat Red’ for felines. The collars were created using red leather and the tags were done in stainless steel. Adorable and straightforward, these collars are not only a perfect compliment to a pet-related treat, they will also help you avoid a horribly misguided choice in a darkened wine cellar.

Sure to give your pooch an irresistable air of refinery and privilege, Empyreal 75 is for fuzzy friends equipped with discerning tastes.