Juan Carlos Pagan & Jens Marklund's Collab Defines Joan

 - Oct 26, 2018
References: carlospagan & behance.net
Joan is a newly formed creative agency based in New York City and the practice's empowering identity is developed by local Creative Director Juan Carlos Pagan with the help of Designer Jens Marklund.

Joan is founded by Lisa Clunie and Jamie Robinson. The brand proves to enjoy a minimalist aesthetic with strong accents that communicate its deeply meaningful symbolism. Juan Carlos Pagan and Jens Marklund sought historic inspiration when designing the logotype, tapping into the heroine of France — Joan of Arc. The kernel of the empowering identity of Clunie and Robinson's creative agency relies on the form and texture of the historic figure's sword.

The well-designed branding project seeks to communicate "ambition, curiosity, imagination, work ethic and [...] badass-ness" to the potential clients of the firm.