The Aura Installation Translates Emotions into Light

 - Nov 28, 2017
References: nickverstand & dezeen
The Aura installation, which was showcased during Dutch Design Week, transformed guests' emotions into beams of light, in an immersive audiovisual installation.

Guests of the art exhibit were equipped with wearable biosensors, which recorded their heart rate, skin responses and brainwaves. Once inside, the lights would respond to the "emotional data" collected from the biosensors, re-interpenetrating people's emotions into gorgeous beams of light. In order to ensure complete immersion, the installation featured a variety of different songs and sounds, aimed at evoking varied emotional responses.

The installation was designed by artist Nick Verstand, who is known for creating large-scale visual experiences. This particular installation, was made in collaboration with the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.