Tomorrow T's Takes the Emoji Obsession to the Next Level

 - Jul 22, 2014
References: etsy & shop.nylon
Tomorrow T's offers emoji apparel that will express your feelings, so you don't have to.

Emojis often replace words, so why not facial expressions? You can now signify a whole host of emotions without even furrowing a brow. Of course, this form of expression works better if you choose an over-all mood for the day and then stick to it. Caution: this might be easier said than done. If you're feeling especially daring (or a slew of different things all at once) you can mix-and-match your emojis. For instance, why not don your blushing emoji tank with your shocked emoji tote? Perfect for an occasion in which you run into your crush!

Wear your emoji on your sleeve with this hilarious range of clothing and accessories!