The 'Hush2' is a Flat-Packed Transitional Refuge

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: & treehugger
The 'Hush2' is an innovative take on flat-packed emergency shelters meant to provide aid during natural disasters. The focus of the shelter is to create a place for immediate housing, for the time in between being displaced and finding permanent resettlement.

The Hush2 can comfortably fit a family and also stand category five winds. The Hush2 can also be used by those displaced in war-torn countries and provide temporary shelter. The flatpack takes about seven minutes in its transformation from a box shape into a storm-safe prism shape. The Hush2 is made from marine plywood and is modular in nature.

Extremis Technology is the team behind the Hush2 and believes that this temporary housing can be a precursor to pop-up community settlements in the future and can temporarily house thousands if implemented correctly.