The Embrace Collection by Maksim Shniak is Decoratively Cylindrical

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: & plusmood
At first glance, the Embrace Collection looks as though it were made up of instruments confiscated from a drum circle. From long and cylindrical to squat and circular, each piece looks as though it were the framework of drums. Yet the pendant lamps in the Embrace Collection were kept hollow in order to better emit light through its 'shutters.'

Designed by Maksim Shniak for Hobbywood, the Embrace Collection is made out of flat pieces of birch plywood. Made out of bowtie-like wooden silhouettes, each light has a decorative feel that brings a nice touch to living spaces.

The Embrace Collection is meant to be assembled by the owner. In this way, they are shipped environmentally consciously to reduce any unnecessary packaging.