The Aqua Elliptica Fuses an Elliptical with a Paddleboard

 - Apr 20, 2014
References: aquaelliptica & gizmag
The Aqua Elliptica is a new watersport vehicle that is something of a cross between an elliptical machine and a paddleboard. The device technically falls into the stand-up paddleboard category, but in actuality, it works more like an elliptical -- users pump the footplates to turn a propeller, which moves the vehicle forward.

The primary construction of the Aqua Elliptica involves a catamaran-like arrangement, with two feet supporting a platform on the surface of the water. The vehicle is made up of a number of parts that can be rearranged in different ways to provide a wide variety of uses.

The current version of the Aqua Elliptica is a prototype, with the final version expected to be much smaller and lighter. Its developers hope to use 90% carbon fiber and Kevlar in the device's construction to keep it strong yet lightweight.

The Aqua Elliptica's propeller will be able to reach a speed of up to 7 knots (8 mph or 13 km/h).