Ella and Pitr Frame the City Streets with Charming Grafitti

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: home.ekosystem.org & mymodernmet
Street art duo Ella & Pitr (Otherwise known as Papier Peintres) have created a lively, life-size picture frame graffiti series entitled ‘Anamorphoses.’ The colorful anamorphic picture frames add some flair to otherwise dilapidated surroundings.

The series offers a fun Kodak moment, as passers-by can quickly snap a photo to make it look as though they are inside the frame. Of course, your perspective of the frame changes according to where you’re standing – another reason why this project is so interesting.

The project is also apart of a greater campaign for the National Dramatic Center of St. Etienne, aiming to reinvigorate lost or "forgotten parts of the city." The finished photos – taken with a slew of Etienne volunteers – are romantic, charming and breathe new life into run-down spaces.