The Grazia Germany Elisabeth Toll Photoshoot Displays Nomadic Scenes

The Grazia Germany December 2014 editorial taken by photographer Elisabeth Toll showcases an assortment of surreal explorer scenes. Model Ilva Heitmann was made to appear as if on a most unusual trek outdoors, seen in a chic collection of suitcases and telescopes.

Stylist Birgit Schlotterbeck put together a series of high end pieces that match the explorer motifs present in this Grazia Germany series. In addition to her use of several striking props, Schlotterbeck also included floral print dresses, retro blazers, top hats and patterned skirts.

If not for this impressive set of apparel, readers of Grazia Germany will be drawn towards Toll's images of lush rolling hills, hazy waters and rocky shores, merging nature with fashion all at once.