These Images Display Elegant Movements of the Human Body Using White Dust

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: steverichard & lostateminor
Photographer Steve Richard is the creator of these stunning images that display the elegant movements of the human body. In order for the audience to fully understand each move, the photographer uses white powder to emphasize the lines of transitional flow.

The elegant movements are more intensified with black and white photograph filters. Additionally, the subjects in each frame are completely nude, which presents the raw power of the human body.

All of these elements are fused together to create an intoxicating collection of images that provoke an emotional response within the viewer. This series is titled 'Cloud Busting' and aims to capture and elevate actions of the human such as jumping, walking, running and simply sitting. The artists says that the series portrays beauty and that "physical beauty only exists for a short time before it fades away or changes. The dust represents this fleeting moment -- a moment that must be admired and absorbed while it lasts."