Containers To Display Your Food For Festive Easter Egg Brunches

 - Apr 7, 2009
With Easter coming up this weekend, we're looking at innovative egg holders that act as centerpieces for our festive brunches. The egg cups featured here are cute for Easter, but make exquisite additions to breakfast or brunch buffet any time of year. They include chic black ones for a modern edge, bright florals for those enthused about spring, and funky gadget egg holders, like the one on wheels and the one with the suction cup, to appeal to those who like to play with their food.

Eggs are a staple in many people's diets, but at Easter, the hype around chicken eggs quickly escalates, and suddenly we see eggs everywhere. Suddenly white eggs begin flying off the shelves as they lend themselves so well to decorating, and as more omelets, quiches and cakes are made, the demand for both eating and Easter eggs soars.