- Apr 17, 2013
You might find yourself craving beef Ramen after you've browsed through all of these atypical instant noodle tributes. Instant noodles have taken the world by storm since their invention in Japan in 1958. These atypical instant noodle tributes show just how popular the microwaveable meals are and prove that everything from museums to spas are powerless to resist the pull of instant noodles.

In addition to the aforementioned museums and spas, there are also rap videos, soaps and even adult images that pay tribute to instant noodles. The diversity of all of these atypical instant noodle tributes prove that these noodles are popular amongst people from all over the world and from any income level. If you fancy yourself an instant noodles aficionado then you'll want to peep through all of these atypical and amazingly awesome Ramen tributes.

From Instant Meal Rap Videos to Synthetic Food Spas: