LimiLor Electroluminescent Spray Makes Anything Light Up

 - Mar 26, 2013
References: lumilor & coolthings
Not to be confused with glow-in-the-dark color, LumiLor is an electroluminescent (EL) spray paint that will actually light up when an electric current runs through it.

Very versatile in its application, this paint can be sprayed on almost any material including metal, wood and plastic, providing an even coating of illuminating color that can be made into designs not easily replicated with EL wires. This electric fluid could be used to create cool works of art, to make bikes and skateboards more visible at night and to generally customize equipment and gear with an awesome glowing exterior.

Because it sprays on so precisely, LumiLor is a wonder for decorating and adding illuminating details to cars, sculptures and other works. This electroluminescent spray paint is said to be non-toxic and environmentally safe.