This Electric Unicycle Offers a New Mode Transportation for People

 - May 30, 2013
References: hammacher & ohgizmo
This electric unicycle offers people the opportunity to stroll around roads through an unconventional ride.

The 'Self Balancing Electric Unicycle' was designed with the aesthetic features of old school scooters, but outfitted with 21st century robotics. The gyroscope-balanced ride comes with a 500W motor, which enables it to carry the weight of a regular-sized man at 13mph for two hours. The electric unicycle features only one wheel, which means you'll need to have some sense of equilibrium to your body or you'll fall. The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle is an updated version of the classical unicycle, but with handles and cost a lot more money: $2,700, to be exact.

The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle offers individuals a new means of motorized propulsion.