Onean's Jet Board Takes Surfing to New Terrains

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: onean & hypebeast
Inspired to add a greater sense of urgency to the dynamics of surfing, these electric surfboards take the sport to new speeds -- and now, you don't need any waves to surf.

'Onean' recently released an electric jet board, the 'Carver,' which doesn't let a lack of waves slow surfers down. Regularly, surfers need to wait for a wave that provides enough motion to generate the power behind a ride. The Carver instead is more proactive and uses "a 4400w dual-core brushless electric motor powering an axial water pump controlled by the handheld remote."

Previously, terrains like placid rivers or narrow ravines were completely unusable for surfers, but now with these electric surfboards that generate their own power, these bodies of water are an option.