The El Greco Museum Work with an Antiquated XVI Century Home

 - Oct 19, 2012
References: pcarlota & archdaily
Spain's El Greco Museum has done an excellent job of revamping an antiquated XVI century home. Once known as the Jewry of Toledo, the structure is rich in history with rock-clad grotto-like spaces and XVII century style paintings.

Architects at Pardo + Tapia Arquitectos took on this demanding venture. The renovations have been done with a mind for El Greco art work, central to the Jewry of Toledo and its creative communities.

While the revamping stages did change aspects of El Greco's layout, Pardo + Tapia Arquitectos aimed to restore the weathered collections before all else. The pieces were spread out throughout Toledo, chancing their catastrophic disappearance. They have here been assembled altogether within the gallery, assuring their preservation.