The El Califa Restaurant Takes Cues from the Geometry of a Taco

 - Apr 4, 2018
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Mexico based-Esrawe Studio created the new El Califa restaurant in Mexico City. The restaurant was designed with circular white wall tiles that cover every space from the bar back to the kitchen, inspired by the way a tortilla can be geometrically folded.

The entire design inspiration was pulled from a classic street taco, with added bright colors and geometric architectural features. The open kitchen links the seating area to the entire restaurant for an authentic dining experience, giving patrons the ability to see each step of the food-making process.

The design team aimed to create a space that matched the high-quality menu, with bright, refreshing colors on the walls. The large glass walls at the El Califa restaurant gives patrons the chance to look out onto the bustling street, while also allowing passers-by to look in.