Einstein Bros. Bagels' 'No Yolk Sandwich' Has Cage-Free Egg Whites

Einstein Bros. Bagels recently added to its sandwich menu with the 'No Yolk Sandwich,' which is made with just cage-free egg whites rather than a whole egg. Some of the other ingredients that go into the making of the sandwich include: turkey bacon, tomato, avocado and a roasted tomato spread. The sandwich is served on an ancient grain Thintastic bagel, which adds to the flavor experience and texture.

Alongside the all-new No Yolk Sandwich, Einstein Bros. Bagels has also added to its menu with another sandwich, the Cheesy Wakin’ Bacon Sandwich, which also features cage-free eggs.

With many consumers putting their energy into healthy eating, especially with the start of a new year, many are strictly sticking to the consumption of egg whites, as the yolks are perceived to be high in cholesterol.