Burger King France's New Egg Burger is Topped with a Sunny Side Up Egg

 - Feb 20, 2017
References: burgerking.fr & brandeating
While plenty of fast food joints serve burgers and breakfast sandwiches with an egg patty, Burger King France is offering fresh new option called the Egg Burger. While not exactly a breakfast dish, the new burger is topped with one of the most popular breakfast staples.

The new Egg Burger from Burger King France is a beef burger topped with a sunny side up egg instead of a cooked egg patty. The inclusion of a fried egg instead of an egg patty means that customers can enjoy the satisfying feeling of popping a fresh yolk and watching it coat the entire burger. In addition to the egg and beef patty, the burger also features cheese, a slice of tomato, crispy onions, bacon, mayo and BBQ sauce. To truly set the burger apart, the whole thing is served in egg carton-style, clam-shell box that emphasizes the delicious fried egg topping.