This Series by Januz Miralles Features Faded Depictions of Faces

 - Jul 11, 2013
Art is a medium that hopefully evokes some type of feeling out of the viewer, and the eerie portraits done by Januz Miralles are painted in such a way that it is difficult to stop thinking about the image.

His entire collection in done primarily in black, whites and grays. Without much color present to inspire the viewer, it can be tricky to have them connect to the piece. However, these paintings take your breath away. The eerie portraits look as though a woman is drowning, either metaphorically with her face slipping away, or literally with the wash of paint over her face. Besides the technical prowess that is expressed throughout the collection, the emotion that is portrayed is phenomenal. It seems as though the subjects pain can be felt, and that you are living it right alongside her.