Apeel's 'Edipeel' Spray is Made from Vegetable Materials

 - Dec 27, 2016
References: apeelsciences & digitaltrends
One of the biggest difficulties that produce farmers and distributors face is dealing with spoilage, and Edipeel is a new organic product designed to help delay that inevitable process. Made from completely natural and organic ingredients, the powder can preserve produce for two to five times its typical edible shelf life.

Though the concept of a powder that preserves fruit and vegetables might put many environmentalists on guard, Edipeel is made entirely from recycled agricultural byproducts like fruit skins, stems, and leaves, as well as natural plant extracts. It effectively acts as an invisible and tasteless second skin for the fruit or vegetable.

Not only does Edipeel directly reduce waste by keeping produce fresh longer, but it also saves energy by reducing the agriculture industry's reliance on refrigeration to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.