Ecstatic Dance Blends Movement and Meditation

In Western cultures, we tend to use dance as a form of entertainment, to socialize, as exercise, or to attract a mate. However, in most of the world, dance has historically been a means of prayer, a form of worship or an act in a rite of passage. Ecstatic dance is where meditation meets dance. There is no religion behind it--just music!

The ultimate goal of ecstatic dance is to achieve better levels of health, wholeness, and spiritual connection--whatever that may mean for you--through unrestricted movement, in a safe, non-threatening environment. The beauty of ecstatic dance is there is no wrong way (or right way) to move. At ecstatic dance events, all ages, races, sexes, and ideologies are present.

To see what a small ecstatic dance event looks like, check out the video above.