The Economy Infographic by TurboTax Highlights Benefits of the Suberbowl

 - Feb 1, 2013
TurboTax has come up with an economy infographic to prove just how much of an impact the Superbowl has on the host city.

The comprehensive infographic outlines the boost Indianapolis incurred because of last year's big game. With this learned, the data can be a predictor as to what New Orleans can expect.

Some of the stats that this chart provides include how many tourists arrived, how much money was spent per business sector and how much was given in visitor tax receipts.

After analyzing the economy infographic, it is clear New Orleans is to expect good things, but it certainly won't be anything they can't handle. New Orleans is known for receiving an influx of visitors every year for Mardi Gras. This boost to their economy from the Superbowl is much needed too, after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.