The Application 'Echoism' by Julian Wolkenstein Experiments with Biology

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: julianwolkenstein & fastcodesign
Exploring perceptions of beauty, the application titled 'Echoism' by Julian Wolkenstein challenges the notion that symmetry is the most attractive.

This project began with a series of portraits take in 2010 by the artist. Each subject is pictured with a lack of facial expression in order to capture features of each visage. Wolkenstein then created images that mirrored both the left and right half of each subject's face. The result was was study on the commonly accepted truth that a symmetry is biologically perceived as the most attractive.

Julian Wolkenstein has gone one step further and created an application that invites the public to participate in creating similar portraits. The app, titled 'Echoism' allows people to see their own visual identity were they perfectly symmetrical. 'Echoism' begs the cliche question of whether beauty is in the eye of the beholder.