eBay Tries to Woo Christmas Resellers and Savvy Shoppers

 - Jan 25, 2009
References: news.ebay & coloribus
Auction giant eBay has launched a series of innovative posters inspired by the joyful Christmas spirit--and the inevitable slew of unwanted gifts being put up on the online auction block. Each of the three thought-provoking pictures--Noel, Lounge and Toy Train--depicts a neat room of a house with minimal furniture.

The furniture, however, is surrounded by an overwhelming number of photos which replace the presence of all possible items ordinarily found in these places, from cutlery and clothes to the Christmas tree and, of course, the presents. More ads are reportedly on the way, but this is still truly an inspirational viewpoint of the auctioning business.

I only hope it is not a glimpse into our recession-driven future--a future when all things will be luxuries to daydream of through a set of photos rather than tangible items.