This Infographic Teaches Readers About International Eating Etiquette

 - Jan 16, 2015
References: co-operativetravel & designtaxi
If you are planning on doing some international travel soon, this infographic on eating etiquette around the world is worth perusing. As manners can differ in different countries, this chart will help you avoid accidental rudeness. From Co-Operative Travel, Your Guide to Eating Etiquette Abroad explains how to eat national dishes in a range of places.

Whether you are presented with a lobster in Greece, escargot in France or tapas in Spain, these tips will help tourists take on local delicacies and fit in with native dining conventions. Other included dishes are Dutch haring, Caribbean (specifically St. Lucian) fufu, Mexican tamale, Latin American asado and Italian spaghetti.

The embarrassment-preventing guide will also enable you to have a more authentic travel experience.