The Fierce and Functional Hjarta Smarta Earring Typeface

 - Sep 27, 2010   Updated: Jun 22 2011
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The Earring Typeface by Hjarta Smarta is proof that the art of typography is expanding every minute. As a previously understated form of design, typography is finally getting the attention it deserves. With revolutionary typefaces such as these, the Earring Typeface is leading a type revolution.

The adorable font is constructed of earrings. The little charms make for a whimsical alphabet that kicks Times New Roman's boring butt.

Implications - While an abundance of consideration is constantly put into the appearance of brand packaging and advertising campaigns, not enough attention is placed upon font selection. As fonts are one of the central ways that a product's message is conveyed to consumers, companies should consider utilizing fun, exciting fonts that differ from those of competitors.