The Earbud Alarm Clock is Ideal for Couples Who Rise at Different Times

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
It's pretty surprising that at this point more electronics like the Earbud Alarm Clock aren't on the market. Many people do gradually become accustomed to sleeping beyond or even through their partners' wake-up calls, but the value of an undisturbed rest is worth exploring readily accessible technologies.

This is a collection of concepts developed by designer Mark Simmons while he was working with Wingspan Design in Ottawa. The company's wireless earbud could find an intelligent application for a quiet programmed alert. One that would emit close-range sound and be audible only to the ear in which it's inserted. A broad range of very different-looking gadgets came out of this exercise to conceive the Earbud Alarm Clock, but each has in common the wireless transmittance to rouse only the wearer of the small speaker.