Germany Working on the Karmann E3 Tesla S

 - Apr 13, 2009
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The legendary German car manufacturer Karmann is developing, together with the electric motor company EWE, Germany's first real e-sport limousine. While other manufacturers changed available cars to e-cars, this project is really unique. The development of a completely new electric car is interesting, because Karmann actually doesn't have experience with electric engines; however, EWE does.

The E3 will be also the first car with an electric logo on the front. This year, 4-6 of the E3 cars are planned. They'll travel a top speed of 140km/h, and let you travel of 150 km on a single charge.

Karmann is one of the German pioneers in car manufacturing, founded in 1901 and well known for the incredible Karmann Giah. Last week they had to file for insolvency, but hopefully this new electric innovation will help them stand up quickly.