The e-Sports Ground Offers a Gigantic Virtual Gaming Experience

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: & psfk
Recently opened in the Renaissance sports club in Kitasuna, Koto-ku, the e-Sports Ground is a giant gaming floor that lets users do everything from play virtual kick-ball to outrunning moving beams of light. Other games include bouncing a ball to destroy layers of brick, performing calculations by walking over numbers on the floor, and air hockey -- the full-body version.

With its blue illumination and virtual gaming ability, the e-Sports Ground, designed by Eureka Computer, might be something you'd see in Tron. Players don't even have to wear or hold any special tools, as the game uses reactive motion sensors hanging from the ceiling to change the game's projected images, a technology that is similar to what is used for Microsoft's Kinect, says PSFK.

The e-Sports Ground is currently free for members of the sports club and plans are in the works to add more to the system and install it in other sports club branches.