The Dumb Ways to Die Video Portrays Wrong Ways to Kill Yourself

 - Nov 19, 2012
References: dumbwaystodie.tumblr & ibelieveinadv
Fun and subversive, the Dumb Ways to Die video showcases the best of these shockingly grotesque tumblr gifs.

Appearing to be innocent and cute at first glance, the adorable smiling characters of this cartoon quickly turn out to be fatally flawed; they are just plain stupid. Demonstrating the dumbest possible ways to die, the little critters manage to light themselves on fire, prod a bear until it bites their head off, swallow a bunch of expired pills, go swimming with piranhas and accomplish a whole load of other ridiculously dangerous activities. The video juxtaposes these death-inducing stunts with bright colors and cheerful music, making the blood and gore seem even more shocking and out of place.

The Dumb Ways to Die tumblr and video shows you how not to continue living.